After School Tutor

October 19, 2018

Today I got some help from Natsu after school. With her help, I'm sure I can understand what happened in class! Although it seems I did her more of a favor than she did for me.

Amusing Promise

August 16, 2018

Today is finally the day we settle the promise we made at the abandoned house. I wonder what Gratia took as payment for creating this miracle for us? Well, I'm sure everything will work out! I'll make sure of it.

Skipping School For A Promise

June 28, 2018

Good day, Hitomi speaking. Today we finally go to the highschool to find Yuuna Yamashita. While I'm sure this counts as skipping school, I did everything I could to make it as legitimante as possible. Hopefully things go as planned.

Haunting Of A Manor

May 30, 2018

Thanks to Ken we got a tip on a possible haunted house! I'll finally get to show Hitomi everything I've training for. No fear!