Who am I?

I'm D'Vreaux Fontaine otherwise known as Origin Angel. I write as a hobby, and to be honest I'm still not happy about it.

I have a B.S. in Comp. Sci. from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Right now I use that degree to make websites in HTML instead of with like, wordpress or Squarespace. I don't have the money for that kind of upkeep.

This set of stories is a bit different than a traditional story. While also a reason for me to not proofread and make things concise, this story is stream of conscious to some degree. It should still be ok from a narrative standpoint. It's also character focused, with a background story for them to react to. I'll give some bits of 'lore' to make sure I keep to my own rules.

Here is my todo list: Get a functional website up, write at least one entry a month while striving for more, get a well designed website up, continue to update features to the website, make money, in that order.

In the mean time, click the button below to donate some money to me. All money goes towards making sure I can write more.

Might as well work on that last item.

Things to work on: Show more, tell less. Compicated given my writing style but the more I think about it the more I agree that I state things way too plainly. Rhythm. Not sure where I heard this, but using short-medium length sentences in betweeen longer ones helps the text flow better. I'm always up for tips, even if this is more a passion project then actual professional writing.