Hitomi Kagami

Age: 12

Ability: Memory Manipulation and Mind Reading

Hitomi is the only child of Yume and Seto Kagami. Much like her father, she has the ability to read minds. Her third eye is located right below the collarbone and she keeps it hidden at all times.

Due to many factors, she is incredibly shy. Speaking up in class is basically a fruitless effort. Trying to talk to her in a group is pointless. The only person she seems to be able to talk to without hesitation is Rose Edith.

Despite her meager appearance she is incredibly athletic. While she points all reason for her abilities on her parents for both being athletic, the girl does practice everyday to better herself. This applies to her studies as well. She'll deny any attempt to flatter her, not because she reads that they are genuine, but because she doesn't believe it herself.

She has a bit of a mischievous streak if she has an attraction to you. She loves messing with people by feeding them misinformation.