Morgan Edith

Age: 29

Ability: Telling the Truth

Morgan was once a celestial, a spirit of divine nature, before Rose was born. In order to give Rose a more fulfilling and interesting life compared to her own, she gave up her divinity and became human. Married to Gratia.

While she says she is 29, her real age is far greater, and her appearance never seems to change year after year. Even she wonders why this is the case, but doesn't complain.

Morgan is the shrine maiden of the Edith Shrine, and takes care of many of the tasks by herself. From cleaning to festival performances. Despite being a foreigner the community accepted her due to her kind nature and incredible insistence.

Her ability is unique even among the heavens. Using language, she is able to speak the absolute truth. A truth that cannot be denied by anyone. A truth that represents the objective reality. Such words shake the very air itself, so she tends to use it as a last resort in whichever situation in may be helpful.