Rose Edith

Age: 11

Ability: Damage Immunity and Reflection

Rose is the only child of Gratia and Morgan Edith. Her parents, both residents of the heavens, decided to raise Rose on Earth. While they have more roots in European countries, they decided that Japan would be better for Rose as she at least had one friend there.

She loves to try out new things, regardless of the danger to herself. She is often viewed as brave when it goes well and reckless when it doesn't. Due to the nature of her ability she tends to forget that others are easy to come to harm.

Despite her best efforts, her physical ability is rather low. She also struggles with most subjects in school, although through hard work can manage to score very highly on tests. She dreads anything with a short time frame to complete in which she can't rely on others for help.

Yet no matter how bleak things look, or how poorly she does, she manages to keep a positive and energetic aura.