Seto Kagami

Age: 32

Ability:Mind Reading

There was a time that Seto couldn't step outside of his room. At the age of ten he was cursed with the third eye, forcing him to hear every thought within thirty feet. The only thing that saved him from a life of isolation was his wife.

He still prefers to be surrounded by as few people as possible, but he no longer fears being around others. He was sure to teach his daughter, who also had the same curse, how to deal with her power.

Seto is an author, although he writes with a pen name to avoid having to do any book signings. He never seems to stick to one genre, but many of his stories are based around psychological themes and love.

While incredibly polite, he tends to have a bit of a mean streak. He blames this on his wife, although he can't deny taking some sort of enjoyment in it.